Unlocking Capital

White Castle Partners connects companies with diverse sources of capital to drive their growth. Shaped and strengthened over many years with trusted relationships, White Castle Partners Investor Ecosystem is comprised of over a thousand institutional and private investors, including Family Offices, UHNWIs, VC/PE’s and Sovereign Wealth funds.
Our network provide companies with simplified access to diverse funding options. Whatever your chosen method of funding your growth, spend less time on fundraising and more time on building your business. Our engagement options can be individually tailored depending on the industry, maturity level and  fundraising needs.

Access to Capital

White Castle Partner’s main activity is connecting high-growth companies with our investment ecosystem, primarily consisting of Family Offices, UHNWI, Super Business Angels, Private and Institutional Investors. WCP is able to maintain a generalist approach across sectors and stages, with a targeted thematic focus.

Capital Raising Events

WCP’s flagship event is the annual VROOM Summit, the Principality of Monaco’s best known and most prominent fundraising event. WCP also offers smaller monthly spotlight events in Monaco and Luxembourg, bringing together presenting start-ups and small investor groups of select Family Offices, HNWIs, and Institutional Investors.

The Platform

WCP offers a global reach on qualified investment opportunities through a digital platform. It allows our clients to discover and explore a wide variety of projects online. This unique platform allows all types of growth-focused businesses to raise capital and also expand their customer base in the process.
Early Stage Growth
Pre-Series A(250K – 1.5M€)
-  Received pre-seed funding.
-  A proof of concept or working prototype.
- A proven and scalable business model.
Series-A or Series-B Funding(1 – 15 M €)
- Proven Market Traction
- ARR of at least 1M€, growing
- Selected Verticals
Growth Stage Funding(Series-C or Later)
- Global Business
- Revenues in excess of 7M€
- EBITDA Profitable