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White Castle Partners was created by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs, investors, tech executives, lawyers and strategists with years of experience in starting, growing and exiting businesses. We seek outstanding companies with growth ambition and execution focus that have developed leading scalable technology, and want to accelerate their growth. We are committed to promoting a more environmentally-conscious living and support the founders whose values and vision are making this possible.
Our competitive edge lies in raising value-added money and scaling companies. We work with investors whose influential relationships and support will help propel successful entrepreneurs to the next level. Thanks to our many years of experience in the area of digital transformation, we have a unique ecosystem at our fingertips that encompasses variety of private companies from start-ups to multinational corporations and the public sector.
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Socially responsible investing

WCP believes in a world where the private sector plays a central role in social change, where impact is at the heart of every investment strategy, and where bold ideas have the resources they need to thrive. We are radically collaborative, tapping into a global impact network to boost deal flow, share expertise and move faster than the rest of the market. By proving the financial viability of impact investment strategies, we are charting a course that others can follow, leading to a more just and resilient world.

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